Seder Dinner – 2018

Passover Seder Dinner

Saturday, March 31st, 5 – 8:30 P

Join the Lighthouse Church as we celebrate our 5th annual Passover Seder. This participatory celebration will help you remember not only how the blood of the Passover lamb redeemed the Israelites, but, more importantly, how the blood of our Messiah (the Lamb of God) redeemed us from death, slavery, and sin!

Seder Led by: Rabbi Norm Ostroff of Malachut Ha Mashiach Messianic Synagogue

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The cost for the event is $25 for adults and $5 for children.

Feast of Tabernacles – 2017

Saturday October 14th at 5 PM

Come join us as we close out the high holy days and start the new Jewish year on God’s Calendar.  On Saturday, October 14, the ‘feast’ part starts at 5:00 PM, Rabbi Norm will again be sharing with us about all of the High Holy days that will have just concluded.

This year our Feast of Tabernacles event will include a catered dinner and special teaching on all of the fall Holidays of the Lord.

Topics will include: The Feast of Trumpets, The Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles.  The teaching will include eschatological and prophetic signs as they relate to old and new testament prophesies about the second advent of Christ.

Rabbi Norm Ostroff began his life as a secular Jew in Philadelphia, PA.  He was first exposed to the Gopsel upon marrying a gentile woman, Patty, in 1983.  He came to accept Yeshua (Jesus) as his Messiah in 1989 and joined a spirit-filled Methodist Church in Washington Crossing, PA.  Over the years Norm was led to rediscover his Jewish roots and would continue to join Messianic communities throughout the 90s.
In 1998, God called Norm to begin a Messianic congregation in Southern Maryland asking him to teach the Jewish Roots of Christianity to gentiles.  Norm’s Messianic Synagogue – Malachut Ha Mashiach (Message of Messiah) – meets on Shabbat once a month as well as on holidays at their home in Lusby, MD.

For more information about Malachut Ha Mashiach, you can email “Ribeye” Norm at

School Of Resurection


What is the School of Resurrection?

3 Sessions over two days where we will delve into the Reality of Christ and the Power of His Resurrection.

Incredible historically documented resurrections as well as present day true stories

Solidly based Bible teachings, what scripture clearly states and teaches

Rather than confusing theories or rhetoric, in SOR you will learn how to pray for resurrection, how to gain access to sensitive situations,. How to honor and love a grieving family while staying in a place of faith.

Not Just theory
The DRT has had over a dozen people brought back to life over the past few years. Learn how to step into your authority and that God brings life and life abundantly.

The Spirit of revelation and of Power.

Q & A Session
We like working through the hard questions a time is reserved for your questions

Embody Revival
You are not called to be a survivalist but a revivalist!


The School of Resurrection is one of the most powerful and life changing trainings available today. Tyler teaches revelatory truths that challenge our previous understanding and mind sets of the true character of God, providing a solid foundation in building understanding of how we walk in the resurrection power and abundant life that we were created to walk in. Those with ears to hear, leave this training believing in His goodness, intoxicated by His love and empowered with a new zeal to release His power and LIFE to a hungry and hurting world. Bringing this training to our city rocked our region with an army of people released and operating in supernatural healing power and life. Testimonies of an increase in healings and salvations poured in as His bride understood her role and began to pour out His love. If you want to fulfill the great commission….don’t miss out on hosting this training in your area!


Shelton, Washington

The School of Resurrection covers the biblical basis for raising the dead, the supremacy of Christ, the goodness of God and practical protocol (such as sensitivity to grieving family members) when raising the dead. Tyler will challenge your traditional thinking and equip you and your people to walk as Jesus did, 1 John 2:6. Matthew 10:8, Luke 22:29, John 14:12, John 17:18,22, John 20:21


Jerome, Idaho

Session One:
Friday7:30pm -10:00pm

Session Two:
Saturday @ 9:00am – 10:00am
Break from 10:00am – 10:30am

Session Three:
Saturday @ 10:30am -12:00pm
Lunch from 12:00-1:30pm
Last session/Prayer: 1:30-3:00pm

Saturday Service5:00pm – 7:00pm
(Open to Public, Tyler will be speaking)

Heading into the School of Resurrection I had no idea what to expect. I thought it to be a bit outside my theological box. Once Tyler began breaking down key verses in the Bible that we often overlook; not only was my theological box shattered, but it was like being given a key that unlocked the world to my true identity in Jesus Christ. I am now more effective in all aspects of ministry and witness miracles on a daily basis. You can’t afford not to go to a DRT training.


Olympia, Washington








Releasing the Divine Healer – Dennis Clark

Dennis and Dr. Jen have developed a simple, systematic, proven approach to give believers the how-to tools for healing, freedom, and deliverance, and then empower them to teach it to others. It was birthed directly out of revelation from God. The purpose of these how-to’s is to bring individual healing to church members, and, out of this, healthy families and a healthy church can emerge.

Session 1

by Lighthouse Church | Releasing the Divine Healer - Dennis Clark

Session 2

by Lighthouse Church | Releasing the Divine Healer - Dennis Clark

Session 3

by Lighthouse Church | Releasing the Divine Healer - Dennis Clark

Session 4

by Lighthouse Church | Releasing the Divine Healer - Dennis Clark