The Elijah Jonathan Center

The Elijah Jonathan Center

The Elijah Jonathan Center brings educational and occupational opportunities to the communities in poverty at Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador. Helping them grow as a family with strong Christian beliefs that will help guide them and bring hope and strength in the days ahead. It is our goal at The Elijah Jonathan Center to create programs that not only help develop skills but give them a promising future that God will provide.

We ask you for your support on our journey to reduce the poverty level in Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador and give to a better future for all.

God Bless,

The Lighthouse Church, Ashburn, VA The bridge of HOPE between Elijah Jonathan Family and Ministerio Iglesia Cristiana Bethel Monte de sion for youth, orphans and children in need.

Our Programs

Your gift helps to provide medicine, vitamins, food, clothing, job and more to over 400+ youth, orphans, children in need. 80% of your donations goes to the cause; 15% administrative cost and 5% paying forward The Lighthouse Church.

  • Music and art studies: theoretical and practical, where to learn musical instruments such as percussion, guitar, piano, bass, accordion, and vocalization. 
  • Evanisteria Workshop where students learn to make doors, windows, tables, beds, etc., and can financially support their families.
  • Gastronomy classes for young people and their families.
  • Language classes: English and Portuguese.
  • Hairdressing courses for men and women.
  • and more programs as funding permits. 

Other Services

The Elijah Jonathan Center not only provides workshops and programs, we also are focus on human health. We help provide nutrition to many families in poverty by feeding those that have limited or no food. This is a vital part of our programs because it provided them the energy to create success. We also strive to provide necessities such as clothing and items for proper hygiene. Giving them this allows those in poverty not only to be properly nourished but also to feel confident to create success.

The Team
Thank you to the team that give wholehearted to the children and families

 Deisy, Domenica, Anahy, Luis Miguel, Cristian, Jean, Juan, Roque, Daniela, Isac, Juanita, Pastor Luis Jose, Sonia

The Distribution


Our Loss and Love You More Lord

Elijah Jonathan

Empathy & Kindness

Elijah Jonathan was a man with a kind heart and soul. His smile and joy were very contagious to everyone he knew. He would give anything just to see another person happy, even if that meant he went without. Elijah would have paid his kindness forward to these children in need. Making sure no child was to ever be left behind. Thank you for joining us in honoring the memories of my brother by making sure that empathy and kindness never ends.    Isaac (2021)

5% of our contributions for Paying forward

The Lighthouse Church

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15% of our contributions for Operations support

Iglesia Cristiana Bethel

Monte De Sion

Serve, Treat, Train, and Develop Children, Orphans, Youth, Families in Need since 2001.

Pastora Luis & Jacquelin


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80% of our contributions for

Youth, Orphans, Children in Need of Hope!

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